In order to self-repair, living organisms have stem cells in central and peripheral locations which can be attracted to sites of injured tissue by "alarm signals". In this way these cells proliferate, migrate and accumulate in those damaged sites. If this stimulation of "alarm" perpetuates stem cells could be permanently exhausted from their original locations leading to irreversible disease.

Basically, it could be a matter of stem cell quantity and effective availability at a certain point when active regeneration is needed. The expected consequences of this situation could be the of of an appropriate number of stem cells for further tissue replacement and regeneration and eventually the development of disease & ageing.

For example, we could think that any alteration of this stem cell homeostasis by constant and repetitive trauma, physical hyperactivity, chronic inflammation and chronic disease could provoke a persistent disequilibrium inside all these reserve locations. This could promote an irreversible and   premature stem cell exhaustion, being impossible then for the organism to self-repair and survive.

As we age we have less circulating stem cells. Introduction of new stem cells to our bodies circulation can improve health and repopulate our stem cell pool.

stem cell differentiation, stem cell treatments,Stem cells with the correct stimulation have the ability to target sites of injury/repair/ageing, secrete various growth factors & cytokines and differentiate in various cell types. It is important when using stem cells to have a targeted approach as the general route after IV infusions of stem cells is to spend 3 hours in lungs, then move to the liver for up 3 days, then spreading on the spleen, etc, limited amounts will end up in the brain, eyes, etc. Most conditions we treat have a specific organ we wish to target, so we will inject the cells as close regionally to that organ, stimulate the body with specific peptides related to that organ/cell and using lasers create a targeted niche around that organ. 


We believe the key to the most effective stem cell treatment is through a combination approach that addresses not only the current issue, but also all of the factors that have contributed to the decline in health. As each patient’s condition is different, each stem cell therapy treatment must be tailored around your specific needs. At StemCells21 we offer access to individualized treatment plans which consist of targeted administration methods as well as full service functional rehabilitation and diet and lifestyle modification. Through many years of stem cell research, our team can provide a tailored treatment plan just for you.

Our combination approach allows us to deliver vital healing growth factors, peptides, nutrition and laser stimulation in an effort to maximize the healing properties of our targeted stem cell treatments.

Our extensive history of therapeutic stem cell therapies allows us to give the gold standard of regenerative medicine.